Friday, 21 June 2013

New Flash Mob 2013

Flash Mob 2013, the International Flash Fiction Day Competition.

Flashes of brilliance. Great stories from all over the world. Check out the link:


"Taxi," they shout, running out of Central Park. Bridal gown bunched up in one hand, veil floating on an October breeze, she laughs. Tuxedo tails flying, he clutches her bouquet of yellow dahlias and kisses her lips. Rust maple leaves dance over their shoulders and circle to the ground. They giggle as a taxi pulls up. I stop and watch. Her sandal falls out as she jumps in. She blows me a kiss and throws the other one out as they speed away. I pick them up. Sugar spun sandals. My work worn feet won’t stand a chance. I throw them in the bin.  I don’t want her shoes, I want her life. I take a deep breath and resume sweeping.


  1. Excellent images. I enjoyed this.

  2. Not your usual wedding story. Brilliant.

  3. Great fun tale. Unexpected and so short! And I love the accompanying photo -- gorgeous! So glad to meet you in the mob!